About Legacy+

Most traders fail to make any serious money because they lack a simple proven trading method.

And more importantly they lack ongoing guidance from a professional trader to implement that method.

Having one without the other is why most traders fail.

Having a good trading system is important.

But without the guidance of a professional trader you will continue to make the mistakes which cost you time and money.

And worst of all..

If you don’t know what those mistakes are you will continue to repeat them over and over again.

Trading is a profession.

And as with every profession, the fastest way to learn how to trade profitably and succeed is to learn from someone who actually does it with proven results.

So if you’ve hit a brick wall and are just plain tired of trial and error and want to move forward read on…

Legacy+ is a one year coaching program for full time and spare time traders.

The course content is described here:

It includes:

1. 3 days in-person training at a location of your choice
2. Elite price action online tutorials
3. Annual access to Fx Trade Advisor
4. and 12 months coaching/mentoring

Our training is conducted during market hours so concepts can be applied and demonstrated in real time.

You will be surprised at how quickly you develop when you are hand held in and out of trades.

I will teach you everything I know about flow, technicals and patterns, and how to apply them at each phase of the market cycle.

After that we keep contact so you become proficient in applying the techniques and developing your own independent analysis.

In short it is a gateway to a new career.

So if you are ready to take the next step or want to know more get in touch by email (info@wmd4x.com) or Skype (wmd4xx).

It will be the best investment you have ever made.

Yours faithfully,


Legacy+ Independent Trader Program

London, UK


Miami, USA

Price £5495.00

  • 3 days Live in-person training.  All you need to know about Framework, Flow, S/R and Patterns. See concepts applied & demonstrated in real time.

  • 39 Elite Price Action tutorials

  • Fx Trade Advisor annual membership

  • 12 months mentoring/coaching

Reserve your place:
Email  info@wmd4x.com  |  Skype  wmd4xx