Getting Started

Like many investors my early attempts at trading could be broadly described as a series of humbling experiences.

Feeling that they should be avoided I started a journal recording simple observations which allowed me to trade successfully and develop a hobby in to a career.

Any observation about market behaviour should be validated.

So take each lesson, tutorial and guide; make your notes, then hit the charts.

Find examples where the pattern works and examples where the pattern fails and examples where the pattern exists but the outcome is inconclusive.

This process will allow you to determine the reliability of the pattern.

Save before and after screen shots in a folder for each pattern.

It will grow to become an invaluable resource and reference point in the future.

Then ask the really important question:

“Now that I know how price behaves.. How do I make money from it.

And if the answer isn’t obvious at that point reach out (Skype: wmd4xx – Email:

Good trading is not luck or magic.

It’s a rational process for interpreting price behaviour and taking advantage of that in the most efficient way possible.

It’s a knowledge that can be acquired and a skill that can be learned and transferred.

Wmd4x is different because I am not an academic or economist.

I am a price action pattern trader with skin in the game.

Welcome to my site!

Will Hunting.