Legacy Plus is a program for Traders
Ready to take their Game to the Next Level

This program is designed to develop retail traders into successful independent traders with the option of trading group capital.
I will teach you entry techniques that will allow you to make precision high reward trades and benefit from cyclical market volatility.
Learn the philosophy behind price action and a unique approach to selecting, executing and managing trades.
This package includes membership of my Legacy group and all online resources including the Elite price action tutorials and Fx Trade Advisor.
Ask questions, share opportunities and continuously expand your knowledge alongside trading professionals.

My proven process is guaranteed to produce results.

Step 1

Study online tutorials to familiarise yourself with my method.

Step 2

Attend 3 days of intensive live training delivered in person at an international location of your choice.

Step 3

Trade along side my trade desk, copy my trades and hit the ground running.
Click here to contact for pricing, find out about international locations, arrange schedules and a seat at the table.

Step One. Online Coaching

Learn an Orthodox Price Action Trading Methodology.
Access over 50 hours of training videos explaining a unique trading method used to interpret price behavior.
Originally delivered as a series of live webinars to a select group of traders sharing over 10 years of experience – you can not find content like this anywhere else.
They are widely praised, meticulous in detail, easy to understand and actionable.
33 tutorials guaranteed to teach traders how to read price action, establish bias, define risk & execute trades including an exclusive 90 minute tutorial on the ‘hook’ structure.
Learn a systematic approach to performing technical analysis built on the purest price action patterns and how to take advantage of them on a daily basis.

Content includes:

  • Elite Entry Techniques
  • Trend Walls, Flag Structures, FDF Pattern, The Nose, Trading the Hook, Nearest S/R, Trading Clusters, Mondays, The Support Resistance Wall Flip, Sine Waves

  • Reading Candles
  • Abandoned Wick, Bull + Bear Bars, 3 Spikes, The High Low Break, 123 Candles

  • Advanced Price Models
  • Price Attraction Points, Pattern Hunting

  • Extensive Q&A
  • Sessions: 1 – 6, Stop Placement, Being Right and Profitable

& more..

Step Two. Live Coaching

Fill the Gaps & Mould the trading personality with 3 Days In-Person intensive coaching with Will Hunting.

  • Day 1 – Market Dynamics

Forex & Equities Are Not The Same – Forget Everything You Think You Know
Return on Investment, Business Model & Expectations
Counter Intuitive Behaviour – Cause, Effect & How to Avoid the Pitfalls
Understanding the ‘Edge’
Money Management or Method?
Real World Markets
Risk Management & Large Position Sizing
What is a Pattern?
Scientific Rational Deductions

  • Day 2 – Charting & Entry’s

Chart Markers & Bias
Intraday Technicals – Entry, Exit, Stop
Swing Technicals – Entry, Exit, Stop
When to Swing, When to Play
Detailed application:
Nearest Support
Market DNA Structures
1 Bar Pull Back
W Tops
Wick to S/R
9 Rules to Build a Trend Wall

  • Day 3 – Analysis & Trading

Live Trading
Developing Price Expectations
Price Maps
Market Timing Techniques
Price Attraction Points
Expansion & Contraction Models
Target Recognition
Pattern Recognition using Proximity
& more..

Step Three. Complete Support

Everything Needed to Succeed.

  • Comprehensive market analysis mapping market moves with extreme precision
  • Trade Plans
  • Conference Calls
  • Support
  • Insightful projections with long term price objectives
  • Day trading technical entry walls & kiss back levels
  • Monthly performance reviews
  • Coaching
  • Alerts & Calls
  • Central Bank Watch
  • Market View & Briefings
  • Motivation
  • FX Trade Advisor