Man v Market Trading Challenge 2018

The goal of this challenge is to see how much return you can generate starting with a modest account of 1k by the end of this year.

DM @Wmd4x via Twitter to participate.

The winners are:

a) The trader with the highest net return


b) The trader with the lowest draw down to return,

by end of play on 31st December 2018

Please see leader board for updates


List of participants (No particular order):-


John Woo

Leader Board

Ranked in order based on ROI year to date.

December 2018

@Wmd4x: +2220%
@M5_Hustler: +680%
@Ewpnx1: +140%

November 2018

@Wmd4x: +2185%
@M5_Hustler: +690%
@Ewpnx1: +115%

October 2018

@Wmd4x: +2185%
@M5_Hustler: +690%

September 2018

@Wmd4x: +1745%
@M5_Hustler: +690%

August 2018

@Wmd4x: +1760%
@M5_Hustler: +690%

July 2018

@Wmd4x: +1840%
@M5_Hustler: +690%

June 2018

@Wmd4x: +1810%
@M5_Hustler: +690%
@moinlfc: +500%

May 2018

@Wmd4x: +1130%
@M5_Hustler: +700%
@moinlfc: +510%
*@CrescoCap: +400%
@EnslinFX: +100%

April 2018

@enslinfx: +930%
@Wmd4x: +880%
*@CrescoCap: +580%
@M5_Hustler: +530%
@moinlfc: +230%

March 2018

@CrescoCap: 610%

@Broekie_007: +410%
@Wmd4x: +350%
@M5_Hustler: +240%
@smithtrades: +220%
@enslinfx: +190%
@moinlfc: +155%
@Trader_Dante: +103%

February 2018

@Nicky_Virdee: +1000%
@Aalharosh: +370%
@Moinlfc: +126%
@Trader_Dante: +100%

January 2018

@Trader_Dante: +144%
@Investelle: +62%


Trading is a high risk activity and not suitable for everyone.