Topics include:

  • Elite Entry Techniques
  •     Trend Walls
    Flag Structures
    FDF Pattern
    The Nose
    Trading the Hook
    Nearest S/R
    Trading Clusters
    The Support Resistance Wall Flip
    Sine Waves

  • Reading Candles
  •     Abandoned Wick
    Bull + Bear Bars
    3 Spikes
    The High Low Break
    123 Candles

  • Advanced Price Models
  •     Price Attraction Points
    Pattern Hunting

  • Extensive Q&A
  •     Q&A Sessions: 1 – 6
    Stop Placement
    Being Right and Profitable

& more..

EPA Tutorials

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These describe a systematic approach to performing technical analysis built on the purest price action patterns and how to take advantage of them on a daily basis.

Access over 50 hours of training videos explaining a unique trading method.

Including 2 hours of detailed tutorials on how to find S-waves and draw “Tazers”

More than 35 tutorials guaranteed to teach traders how to read price action, establish bias, define risk & execute trades.

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