Topics include:

  • Elite Entry Techniques
  •     Trend Walls
    Flag Structures
    FDF Pattern
    The Nose
    Trading the Hook
    Nearest S/R
    Trading Clusters
    The Support Resistance Wall Flip
    Sine Waves

  • Reading Candles
  •     Abandoned Wick
    Bull + Bear Bars
    3 Spikes
    The High Low Break
    123 Candles

  • Advanced Price Models
  •     Price Attraction Points
    Pattern Hunting

  • Extensive Q&A
  •     Q&A Sessions: 1 – 6
    Stop Placement
    Being Right and Profitable

& more..

Elite Price Action Tutorials

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These describe a systematic approach to performing technical analysis built on the purest price action patterns and how to take advantage of them on a daily basis.

Access over 50 hours of training videos explaining a unique trading method used to interpret price behaviour.

They are widely praised, meticulous in detail, easy to understand and actionable.

More than 35 tutorials guaranteed to teach traders how to read price action, establish bias, define risk & execute trades including an exclusive 90 minute tutorial on the ‘hook’ structure.

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