Legacy TCP is a 1 year course for Traders who are ready to develop Professionally

Learn everything you need to know about trading from one of the most trusted experts in the industry

You will be surprised at how quickly you develop when you are shown how to apply profitable strategies in a live market environment, and in-person

After training I will hand hold you from analysis – execution – to exit, until you are able to do it on your own

This course provides all the fundamental skills and knowledge base you need to gain long term profitability and boost your ROI

What happens when I join?

Step 1

I will give you access to online resources and other assignments for you to complete before we meet.

Skype call (1-2 hours)

Online tutorials (30 hours)

Assignments (3-5 hours)

Step 2

Attend 3 days of intensive live training at an international location of your choice

I will teach you what works and how to trade every phase of the market cycle with a proven process

Step 3

Get 12 months ongoing coaching

Progress from theory to application by getting hand-held in and out of trades

Trade ideas shared via WhatsApp, Telegram & Skype channels

How much does it cost?

Membership Price: £7995.00*

Full access to all online resources

1-1 coaching

12 months mentoring & support

3 days live in-person training

Trade calls

Handheld application of a working routine

Concepts applied & demonstrated in real time

WhatsApp/Telegram/Skype access for sharing notes and trade ideas

*Add travel if the meetup location is outside of the UK

What topics do you cover during live sessions?

Day 1 – Framework and Process

Your complete weekly routine A-Z

Resolving conflicts in the thought process


Measuring performance

Trade planning

Pre-qualification criteria for tradeable levels

Decision making process for eliminating mistakes

Pattern recognition, reference points and points of control

Trigger conditions and trade execution

The ‘Edge’ in real world markets

Day 2 – Intra-week strategic approach

Detailed application:

Flow trading models

Expansion & contraction models

Flipping nearest SR levels

Day 3 – Swing reversals & Exhaustion

Detailed application:

Price exhaustion models

Rules for building trend walls

Trading Tazers and S-waves

Market timing, Maps and Price attraction points

How long are the live sessions?

7-8 hours each day to cover the set material

How do I start?

Drop me a message with your preferred dates and location for live sessions

And we will take it from there

How do I contact you?

Call me on Skype: Wmd4xx

Email: Info@wmd4x.com

What is the class size?

I only mentor a hand full of traders each year

The live sessions are often taught one to one

If there is a group, the max size is 3

Which markets do you trade?

Crypto, FX and Futures

Winner 2018 Live Trading Competition – 2220% ROI

The few tips and tricks you taught in the limited time we had have turned my trading around and given me a brand new insight into what to trade, and what not to trade, and my account is growing.

Your calm and patient no pressure approach made it a pleasure for me.

Kevin Jones, UK

Will stands out as a brilliant technical trader and one of the few who can truly transform your trading.

Unlike many mentors teaching aspects of trading, Will focuses on analysis and strategies that pull money from the market on a daily basis.

In my opinion he has the best eyes in the business when it comes to trading patterns.

Day after day I see him spot high probability charts and then pinpoint precise entries using lower level time frames.

If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to study with him, grab it.

This is not some trader hyping training, this is a trader who makes his money trading and has energy and talent for teaching what he sees to others.

Gail Schneider, USA

Having spent thousands of pounds on endless training courses, chat rooms and mentors, I can sincerely say that Will is the genuine article.

I have never seen anyone map out each turn of the market like he does. His use of trend lines & channels is unique, and his insights and analysis are profound.

I am very grateful to have been introduced to him. He is a great mentor & has improved my trading to no end.

Simon Kloot, UK

I am a full time trader and have been blown away. I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and am really looking forward to building my account using what I have learnt here. Thank you so much.

Mark Dolman, UK

Will and his approach to trading has taken a relative newbie to the markets, me, and got them turning a profit in less than 5 weeks. I have watched him consistently predict price movement with astonishing accuracy and the really cool thing is that his techniques are completely learnable. I have gone from loss to profit with growing confidence and as Will has said to me several times, this is just the beginning of my journey.

Invest in yourself and get onboard with someone who will hold your hand every step of the way.

Kirk Harland, UK

After six losing years of trying to make a breakthrough in the market I decided to get professional help and joined Will’s Legacy program.

He is an unbelievable trader and worth his weight in Gold.

A great coach who trades LIVE with his students.

I only wish I had done this earlier.

Stephen Cain, UK

Will is the most accomplished trader I have ever known.

He calls every trade before it happens, his accuracy is insane and he never has to make excuses.

He’s a very intelligent guy, a great teacher and generous with his time.

I VERY much recommend him as a mentor.

Rich Angelo, USA