– Learn profitable strategies from one of the most trusted experts in the industry

– Receive step-by-step guidance

– Get hand held in and out of trades until you are able to do it on your own

– This course provides all the skills you need to gain long term profitability, make money and turn trading into a career

What happens when I join?

Step 1

I will give you access to online resources and other assignments for you to complete before we meet

Step 2

Attend 3 days of in person training at an international location of your choice

I will teach you what works and how to trade every phase of the market cycle

Step 3

Get 12 months ongoing coaching

Progress from theory to application by getting hand-held in and out of trades

How much does it cost?

Membership Price: £8995.00*

Full access to all online resources

1-1 coaching

12 months mentoring & support

3 days live in-person training

Trade calls

Handheld application of a working routine

Concepts applied & demonstrated in real time

WhatsApp/Telegram/Skype access for sharing notes and trade ideas

*Add travel if the meetup location is outside of the UK

What topics do you cover during live sessions?

Day 1 – Framework and Process

A complete weekly routine Monday – Sunday. Learn what to do and exactly when to do it

Trade planning and execution

The bean counting model, profitability and performance

The ‘Edge’ in real world markets

Day 2 – Intra-week strategic approach

Detailed application:

Flow trading systems

Expansion & contraction models

Day 3 – Swing reversals & Exhaustion

Detailed application:

Price exhaustion systems

Rules for building trend walls

Trading Tazers and S-waves

Market timing, Maps and Price attraction points

How long are the live sessions?

7-8 hours each day to cover the set material

How do I start?

Drop me a message with your preferred dates and location for live sessions

And we will take it from there

How do I contact you?

Call me on Skype: Wmd4xx

Email: Info@wmd4x.com

Which markets do you trade?

Crypto, FX and Futures


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